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The Links Between a Degree and Social Media Copywriting

 Do you need an English Degree to be a great Copywriter? The short answer is no.


A few weeks ago we debated whether a degree was necessary for a successful marketing career. In our newsletter, ‘Social Allies: Let’s Talk,’ we came to the conclusion that personal branding, experience, and the sheer drive to succeed was more important than any Bachelor’s Degree ever could be. 


Now, as copywriting is an extremely vital marketing tool, skill, and career option in its own right, it’s time to consider the ‘degree vs no degree’ debate again.


Copywriting, by definition, is writing text or ‘copy’ for marketing purposes. 


That being said, it’s a lot more complex than it seems. 


The captions you read on Instagram. 

The description of a product online.

The landing page slogan.


All of it can be categorised under the ‘copywriting’ umbrella. Does that mean you have what it takes to be a professional copywriter though? I guess only time will tell. 


Copywriting requires the ability to adapt a tone of voice to suit a different audience. From accurate grammar to the correct use of emojis, the imagination it takes to write on demand to the ability to engage with people from all walks of life, it’s more than just words. 


As an English graduate, I believe in the importance of academia and learning to write accurately and under pressure. However, I also recognise the importance of upskilling on your own, accessing online courses, and giving copywriting a go. 

Just because you don’t need a degree doesn’t mean it doesn’t help.

 So, write the copy. Check your grammar and spelling. And never underestimate the power of the words you read on your screen. 

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