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ClickBite 001.

Here’s your low down 👇

Get a pizza this 🍕

Just IN: Pizza Hut delivers pizza without its staple cheesy topping. The horror! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse… The pizza giants respond to the poor customer: “This of course is an integral part of a pizza, however it does not warrant a refund on this occasion.” Uh oh… We smell a PR scandal coming along. YIKES. Domino’s anyone? Link

Instagram’s New Safety Features Get a Double Tap from Us

Instagram launches a new upgrade defaulting U16 accounts to “private” mode and limits ad targeting toward this demographic in a bid to protect young people online. This move is long overdue, we think, and a step in the right direction for making social media a safer place. Bravo IG 👏 Link

The Battle of the Bargains (2021)

Home Bargains or GR8 Bargains? You decide. Home Bargains’ social media was on fire this week, having gone viral for tweeting “Anyone know which lawyers Colin the Caterpillar used?” in reference to it’s convenience store doppelganger. We LOVE to see brands taking on a humanist approach and it just goes to show how powerful social media can be in sparking engagement by tapping into consumer loyalty. 

All hail Tik Tok 👑

Tik Tok has officially been crowned the King of Social Media, surpassing predecessor Facebook. As the most downloaded social media app of 2020, we’re hardly surprised. The app’s quick-bite video sharing platform hits much of what we love here at SA… fun, authentic and engaging content. Perfect for campaigns that strive to be truly visually impactful. 


Here are the hottest marketing campaigns that we just can’t stop thinking about 

SKY launches a catchy Music Video campaign featuring Lady Leshurr.

The AD features a text service that helps you ditch your ex and switch to sky broadband in a TV + Social ad that will have you humming all day… It’s #Timeto65075. Watch Here 

  • Holographic High: Zara’s Tik Tok Teaser Tale

Last week Zara posted a Tik Tok of a 3D window display at its flagship NYC store. It’s swooshy. It’s colourful. It’s totally entrancing. And yet it doesn’t actually exist. Physically, anyway. The digital art installation, featured exclusively for social media, earned the brand a record number of post engagement. Captioned “Walking through our Soho store”, viewers were so intrigued that they had to go see it for themselves in the flesh, but to no avail. Ah well, may as well have a look around while we’re here… 😈

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